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To introduce our commitment to quality and service we offer a free portrait or wedding consultation to all of our clients. We can chat on the phone – but I’d recommend getting together at my studio.
For couples planning a wedding you’ll be able to see all of our album collections and find out how our unique style will work for your wedding. For portrait clients: you’ll get see our gallery of wall portraits and we can help you plan you special portrait session. I’ll show you how your clothing selection can either add or subtract 30 lbs. from your appearance.

Call me today to schedule your free Consultation: 203 445-0860

What are your greatest accomplishments?

Is it your work or job?
Is it your house?
Is it your bowling average?

I believe are greatest accomplishments are our children.

Many of you that know me are aware of my relationship with Make-A-Wish Foundation. When I opened my studio almost 10 years ago I searched for a children’s organization that I wanted to be associated with. I found Make-A-Wish nearby in Trumbull and I loved what they do for kids by granting wishes for children that are dealing with life-threatening illnesses. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to photograph 20 wish recipients and meet their families which was part of a 20th Anniversary celebration. The children’s stories are truly inspirational, and I loved hearing about, how their “wishes” became the brightest memory that every family member shared during this very difficult time. Their children’s smiles and laughter returned. If you’d like to see the photographs read the stories they’re available on my website:

To celebrate my 10-year association with Make-A-Wish I’m running a very special program all year long.

Every studio session is free with a $40 donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Appointments are going quickly, if you’d like to get in call me right away. Let’s schedule something special during this winter and create a truly inspirational portrait for you and your family.

For more information about Make-A-Wish visit: